A Day In This Life

I have heard and read that the bible says “Fear Not” 365 times. That is once a day for a year. That is God’s personal message to His believers. That’s not to say I don’t fear, and I definitely do my share of fearing. but I also like to think for every day that I say, OK I will not have fear over this situation in my life that He does come to the rescue. Take my children, I have 4 daughters, and only one at home. Two of my daughters have given me grand children outside of marriage. I have watched the oldest struggle with finishing high school, then getting a 4 year degree in college and now trying to find her place in this world, all with her daughter in tow. By the way, the grand-daughter turned 10 this year and she is quite amazing!

I also have a 3-year-old grand son. the first boy in my family in 14 years. Needless to say, he is quite spoiled, and very much-loved. Not that his place has any more importance than my girls or my grand-daughter, but lets face it, in a family of mostly women, he was doomed from the start. Now as I watch my second daughter struggle with being a single mom and trying to work full-time and try to find her own place in this world all while dealing with a turbulent relationship with her sons father, I hear that still small voice in my head say again “Fear Not”.

Being a single mom for most of the time I raised my girls, I never learned the fear not thing. As a matter of fact, I feared a lot! And I got angry over all the fear I had in my life. But some how, when you get older, you just learn to relax and let some things go. Like fear. Fear has stopped me from moving forward with dreams, and hopes and aspirations. Fear allowed me to hang on to destructive, toxic relationships. Fear has kept me in the same place for longer than God wanted me there. Don’t get me wrong, God is not pushy by any means, but I am sure He would have wanted me to walk a little faster and move a little quicker at times when I have held myself back.

And now it seems again I am facing yet another “Fear Not” situation with one of my children. When everything inside of me wants to get all caught up in the strife of these issues and offer my own brand of problem solving, I know I have to refrain. To move forward and work these things out myself would mean I fear much. And it is at that point in most of our lives that we make the biggest mistakes. When we take matters into our own hands instead of “Fearing Not” we take God out of the equation and even more so important, we take Him out of the solution. When everything inside me is screaming to fix this, that is when I must step back, fear not and let god handle it. He can handle things and people and situations much better than I ever could.

I wish I had learned this a long time ago. A lot of things would have been different in my life and in the lives of my children. And I could have even enjoyed my life so much more! Life becomes easier when you take the type A personality and you give it to God and “Fear Not”.


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