Another Season

I heard a man on YouTube preaching about Esther. He told the story how she really didn’t want to go into the king, but at the insistence of  Mordecai she went to him. And there lies the famous passage ” And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Then that got me thinking, of all I have done in my life, and all I have not done. And all that has been inside my heart, hidden from others. And I began thinking about all the missed opportunities and chances and just plan old-fashioned living I had missed out on in my own life, when “such a time as this” had presented itself. How many times had I not done something my heart was crying out to do because I was afraid or didn’t think I was good enough. All my life I have been in love with words. The written word; books, poems and the business of words themselves. The way one word could form another word and then an even bigger words with bigger meanings. The way they sounded when the syllables rolled off your tongue. Reading  was never enough for me, I had to sit with dictionary in hand and define all the words in the sentence to really get into the author’s mind. At one time I even wanted to be an etymologist. The fact is, I have wanted to do a lot in my life, and sometimes it never worked out, but sometimes, I also chose not to do it. There fore I failed myself. I’m not the smartest, or most the scholarly individual, and I am so sure there are more people doing this who are and will succeed more than I will; but who knows that I have not come to the internet for such a time as this?


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