A Blog About Blogging

Well we are into our first week as a blogger. I have created this word press blog, I have a pinterest with ONE follower, (:)) created a twitter, an account at chimp-mail, have a full-blown g mail plus account as well as hoot suite. I have always loved writing and have written for my whole life off and on. So when the idea came to me to start a blog, I was a bit nervous. I have never taken criticism very well, so putting myself out there wasn’t the best idea I have ever had. But one week later, my mind is full and my eyes are tired and my clicker finger for my mouse needs a splint!

I have read every thing I can find on the web as well as pinterest, and let me tell you, the resources for blogging on pinterest are alive and well! People actually get paid to write about writing a blog! how cool is that? With that being said, I have re-familiarized myself with html and codes and royalty free pictures and fonts and downloads and ugh! the list goes on!

I am so excited to have gotten this far! But now the reality is, my battery charger for my camera has charged its last battery, meaning, no pics right now to add to my blog content. 😦 My go daddy 4 pages of web site sit unfinished and I find myself stressing so much over the blank page design idea I am wishing I had a template! My WordPress account is a .com and not a .org, which means the analytic’s and the things I can utilize to keep a watch on my hits and visits and stats are unavailable in this free version. I have learned more from some of the most knowledgeable people on the web! I am so grateful they are there! I even replied to one blogger about her blog post on how to blog and she sent me an email reply she had written her self with more tips and tricks! I have met a few very awesome people so far! Every one is so polite and so professional without being unapproachable. The best people in this industry, making a living doing exactly what they love! Blogging and helping people!

I do not have a single doubt in my mind that I have chosen the right hobby. Hopefully I will be able to follow in the foot steps of these wonderful people I have met so far! and I might add, they are NOT all women! I am following a man who  blogs who is spot on with his blog-posts! Very helpful and gracious as well. Hopefully one day I will get an email from him next time! He has quit his full time job and gone full time into blogging and is now a consultant. But he is still able to put his family first and work a scheduled amount of hours. Most of the people who have decided to blog, either did it for a specific reason, or to supplement their incomes, which is what i would really love to do. Be a spokes person for a company and write reviews on products. Actually get paid to do what i love to do as well as help people!

I hope one day I have a great post on a great topic that goes viral and floods the internet, but considering this is my third post, I think I can slow down a bit and take it one step at a time. After-all, I still have a four page site to build. And a brand logo, and headers, and buttons and an about me page and dishes and dinner and laundry…yeah, I am sounding like a blogger already!


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