A great cup of Joe

Every one has their own opinion as to what makes the perfect cup of coffee.  At one time even my opinion was different from what it is today. 
But today I am sure I have stumbled onto “The Best” cup of coffee. 
My journey to coffee awareness began when I met Jamie Collins.  She and I met when we worked together and she and I, ironically enough were dating cousins.  Jamie herald from Washington,  the great state known for coffee.  She introduced me to a world beyond automatic drips and percolation. At one time I thought the “pour over ” method was only reserved for coffee shops and Starbucks. I am so glad I was wrong.  Now I want to share this method of coffee making with you all.  Just give this a try at home just once,  maybe twice and enjoy a full bodied cup of Joe. 
The first thing we need for our coffee is a tea pot. 


Fill it with tap or bottled water and turn it on.  While you are waiting on the steam,  get these other supplies toget



Coffee,  I found this on sale and it’s very yummy.  I also like dark Italian roast.  Get your pour over device.  I use a Melitta I ordered straight from the factory.  And put in your number 2 cone filter.  Put  over your cup and add the amount of coffee you pre



I have this two sided measurer, don’t know where I got it.  But I use a scoop from each side for my taste.  I like my coffee



So here we are,  coffee in filter and pouring the water over the coffee grounds.  Fill it to the top and let it seep through.  If the first fill doesn’t fill your cup add just enough water to top it off.  Now this is my favorite part.  Adding sugar and cream.  Now I prefer half and half.  It’s creamy goodness adds so much to t


he flavor. 

This is the best part.  Sugar in the raw. Turbinado sugar.  It has a wonderful caramel flavor that is worth trying the next time you


make coffee.  There is my finished creation.  So delicious and satisfying. Do yourself a favor and try a cup of pour over.  I used to drink a pot of coffee every morning, since I switched to the pour over method I only drink two cups.  Granted, it is a stronger,  bolder taste, but it is more enjoyable and satisfying  than automatic drip.  I can’t even stand the watered down version of the  beverage anymore.  Thanks for reading my blog on the art of pour over coffee.  And thanks to my good friend Jamie for introducing me to this wonderful brew.  We have now been toying with the idea of home roasting our own “black gold”. I’ll be sure to post a blog all about it if we do. 


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